Duration of guided trips

One day trip

This trip is perfect to get a proper introduction in to fly fishing or one of the different fishing techniques within fly fishing. This day is an 8 hour guided trip that includes a lunch

During this trip you will see two to three different fishing spots where we mostly will focuss on one or two fishing techniques. The point of showing you those different fishing spots is that you will be more able to execute the fishingtechniques in different situations. Not only that, since each fishing spot has its own challenges, charme and surrounding you will experience more of what Trysil has to offer!

Pricerange; 3900 Nok

A half day trip

The perfect trip for those that allready have some experience and want a short introduction into a new fishing technique A half day trip is a trip of 4 hours which includes a lunch. This trip will give you a short introduction in a certain fishing technique that you want to learn. We will visit one fishing spot where we will focus on this technique.

I can not reccomend this trip if you want an introduction in fly fishing. There are too many aspects to cover within fly fishing and 4 hours just isn’t enough.

BUt if you have allready some experience in fly fishing and are looking for a brief introduction in a new technique, this is the trip to choose!

Price range; 2800 NOK

Two day trip

This is the most favorite package that I have! It consists of two days of each 8 hours of guiding including a good lunch

During these two days you will have seen at least 4 to 6 different fishing spots and each and every fishing spot has its own challenges,surroundings and charm!

The first day is basically focussed on learning under beautiful surroundings. The second day you can actually harvest the fruits from what you have learned and we are just fine tuning some small things! Everything will go a lot easier and some things have become second nature.

All in all, the perfect trip to explore everything that Trysil has to offer!!

Price range; 7800 Nok

One and a half day trip

Also this trip is a good favorit! For many of the same reasons as mentioned in the Two day trip. This trip consist of one full day and the second day is a trip of 4 hours which also includes a lunch.

Also hear we usse the second day to fine tune some small things and you focus a lot less on learning but more on fishing with the knowledge what you have learned the day before. And trust me you will really harvest the fruits of your labour here as well.

Price range; 6700 Nok

What is now the benefit of these multiday trips?

During the second day you have your guide at your side to pinpoint those small things that you might have forgotten when you would be fishing on your own ànd also tell you what you are doing so well on that second day and definetely should continue with!


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