My resume

I find it very important to keep my self updated with the latest gear, techniques and developements within the fly fishing industry. Since I have specialised my self into tenkara and also have found  a way to lower the threshold for traditional fly fishing, I keep in touch with a lot of the strong marketleaders or inovators within the fly fishing and tenkara industry.

But you can’t learn everything just from books or talking, you have to practise as well. I follow almost each year a course or a guided trip where I want to basically learn two core principles;

The first one is to maintain, keep up, improve upon my skills or learn completely new skills.

The second one is; how do I teach what I have been taught, to my own guests.

So to let you see what I have done to achieve this, but also to show you that I take guiding really, really serious,  I have made a list;

So to start with, the Sportfishing Academy, a school that shows you the ropes of the sportfishing industry with the main focuss on sales in shops and guiding. I graduated in 2007

Ken Orr with Orrsome Tassie Trout, I had an internship with them in 2006 -2007 during the education of the sportfishing academy, but there was so much to learn that I really had to come back for more. So i was 4 months under the tutoring of Ken Orr  during 2007 -2008. Ken Orr is one of the first guides in Tasmania and known for his skills as both a fisherman, guide and conservationist. 

Trysil guidene, when I moved to Trysil, Norway, in 2008 I followed a course to become a river rafting guide. This to better understand currents, watersafety, first aid, how to handle stressed or panicked guests and to manage a boat.

Tenkara summit 2011, I was in my first season of tenkara and figuring everything out and falling more and more in love with this fly fishing technique. When I heard that Tenkara Usa was organising a huge event, I traveled to the USA and made very good Connections with now leading people and companies within the tenkara industry. After I met the owner, Daniel Galhardo  and after several talks with him I became a Tenkara Usa certified guide. I am the first guide in Europe that got that certification and the only tenkara guide in Scandinavia and middle Europe.

In 2012 I took a course in sportfishing tourism which explained what the impact of sportfishing tourism had on the economy and on the evironment. But also what we could do to promote it. Besides that we discussed how to make guiding more popular and what we as guides could do for the environment and how to be service minded.

The EFFA Guiding course; this is a course organised by the European Fly Fishing Association to train guides up to a certain level. Watersafety and rescue and first aid are a big part of this course as well. The certification is given after completion of the course and an exam. I participated in the course and got this certification in 2013.

The European Tenkara Convention in 2013. I was hugely inspired by the Tenkara summit and wanted to create an annual event as well where like minded people can meet and Exchange knowledge. This is now an annual event and has been held for the first time in Norway and then Czech republik, France, Austria and Italy followed. Now in 2018 it is being held in Norway again.

Nymphing and tenkara course In 2016 I paid a ten days visit to John and Paul from Discover Tenkara. During those ten days i have been guided and learned a lot about “pure Tenkara”, fishing a dry fly and a dropper,  but also Czech nymphing from one of their skilled friends.

The Oni school In september of 2017 i traveled to the USA again. This time to meet up with the Tenkara Guides from Utah, they were organising the Oni School for the third time. They organise a three day event in cooperation with the famous Masami “tenkara oni” Sakakibara. During these three days you will see the way he fishes the water, reads the water and he will explain you why. He teaches you about fly manipulation, casting, fly control and many, many more things. I was so lucky that they set me up for a whole day private guiding from Masami. This day has taught me so incredibly much that at the end of that day we spoke through everything again and I recorded it on my phone so I could write everything down later on, it was just to much to  remember.

I took a first aid course in december 2017 through work to brush up my skills from the courses at Trysil guidene in 2008 and the EFFA course in 2013. Right after that I completed the medicin course as well, which allows me to give certain medication to people.

In 2019 i followed a course from The European Association for Heritage Interpretation, that made me an certified Interpretive Host. It teaches you how to be a proper host and how to communicate properly with your guests to insure that they get the best experience possible on their outdoor guided trip.

In 2019 i took a nymphing course from Hends Norway. The main instructors where Filip Àpjar, 2x european team champion and two times silver medal european team champion, Joaquin Santana, 7 times Norwegian national team champion and 3 times individual Norwegian Champion and Tore Litleré Rydgren, EFFA casting instructor, EFFA Guide instructor and high school teacher of fly fishing

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