Guided trips

All my guided trips are completely tailor suited after your needs, skilllevel, fitnesslevel and what you want to experience during this trip. I will establish personal contact with you before the trip, to ensure that you will get your day of a life time where you do not only experience wonderfull things when it comes to fishing but you will experience this in the beautifull surroundings of Trysil!

What do you get during your guided trips?

  • a completely taylor suited guided trip to what you want to learn and experience
  • one on one tuition in steps that are easy to remember
  • spoken in 5 different languages; Dutch, Englisch, Swedish, Norwegian and German
  • useable material are included such as tippet, flies, leaders, etc
  • rods and waders are available to rent
  • we will go through castingtechniques, fishingtechniques, rigging, how to read the water and some basic entomology.
  • Lunch at the waterside
  • email which consists of pictures and a written rundown about everything you have learned that day

An overview of my basic line up of guided trips:

Here you see an overview of the type of guided trips that I offer. Under Packages/ Trips you can choose the length of your guided trip. BUT, if you want a completely custom package just give me a call or send me an email and I will make it happen for you.

Fly fishing for beginners

Fly fishing doesn’t have to be so complicated as you think it is!!

A lot of the time people are intimidated by the complexity of fly fishing.

I will show you that you can start fly fishing with easy steps that are easy to remember, with a certain set of flies that you can buy in almost any sportshop that will work in almost any situation.
We will start with the basics; reading the water, choosing the flies and presenting the flies in the right way is where the focus lies. (casting is a big part of that). 

And you will see that beginning with fly fishing doesn’t have to be complex or frustrating but just a whole lot of fun!


  • a way of fly fishing without all the complexities
  • quick results
  • an easy way of learning and therefor also easy to remember
  • A wonderfull introduction in to fly fishing!

Fly fishing for the advanced

For those that are already familiar to fly fishing and want to take there fishing to the next level.

This day will give you a refreshing look on fly fishing. We will analyse your capabilities and go through some of the newest techniques within fly fishing that will give you a great way of changing between different techniques if necessary. We dial in to the details of a certain technique that you want to excel in, or you can learn a completely new technique.

Since I take my knowledge from both fly fishing and tenkara,  the focus lies on fishing actively on streams and rivers to get optimal success!


  • completely tailor suited after your needs
  • analysing your capabilities
  • improve your excisting skill level
  • learning new techniques so you are better equiped for several different situations.
  • we will take everything just that step further!

Tenkara Masterclass

I will show you the simplicity of Tenkara. Casting comes more naturally and the ammount of time while casting is drasticly reduced. This means that I can focus immediatelly on teaching you how to fish, what to look for in a mountain stream and which technique will be most effective in a specific circumstance, Tenkara techniques or the more traditional western techniques in combination with a Tenkara rod. 

Even more importantly, I can teach you to simplify your approach to fly fishing, keep an open mind and therefor get more out of your fishing trip! An unforgettable fishing experience where you will be surprised how much you learn about fly fishing that can’t be shown with a traditional fly fishing rod that will forever change your view of fly fishing!


  • comletely taylor suited after your needs
  • showing you how easy fly fishing with a tenkara rod can be
  • We can focuss immediatelly on fishing instead of casting
  • It will forever change your view on fly fishing!

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